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Kettlebell cert this weekend–classes are cancelled.

Just a quick reminder that we’ve cancelled ALL classes this weekend (both free beginners and WOD classes) because we’re hosting the CrossFit Kettlebell with Jeff Martone on Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st. See everybody on Monday bright and … Continue reading


The hip-back is back!

REMINDER! No classes this weekend as we host the Jeff Martone Kettlebell Certification. Friday 090227 (44) For time: 21 Hip-Back Extensions Run 400 meters 18 Hip-Back Extensions Run 400 meters 15 Hip-Back Extensions Run 400 meters 12 Hip-Back Extensions Run … Continue reading


Grind it out

Thursday 090226 (43) Walking lunge 100 ft. 21 Pull-ups 21 Sit-ups Walking lunge 100 ft. 18 Pull-ups 18 Sit-ups Walking lunge 100 ft. 15 Pull-ups 15 Sit-ups Walking lunge 100 ft. 12 Pull-ups 12 Sit-ups Walking lunge 100 ft. 9 … Continue reading


And by “push jerks,” I mean push jerks (no splitting!)

Wednesday 090225 (42) Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps Post loads to comments. Why do people take risks? Interview with Robert LaValva of New Amsterdam Market Another link between fructose, obesity and ill health Bending from the hips is a learned skill … Continue reading


Make me!

CONFIDENTIAL to all the lurkers out there reading this here blog who are thinking about trying CrossFit: we’ve got SIX (count ‘em, six) different free beginners’ classes a week with 5 different instructors: Sun @ 10am (Justin), Tues/Thurs @ 10am … Continue reading


Row your way down the ladder

Upcoming Elements Workshops Elements #39 begins March 9th, MWF @ 10am Elements #40 begins March 9th, MWF @ 7:30pm (only 1 slot left!) SOLD OUT! Elements #41 begins March 16th, MWF @ 8:30pm UPDATE! More new Elements Workshops! NEW! Elements … Continue reading


Front and Center

Sunday 090222 (40) Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps Post loads to comments. Wounded warrior fitness Using CrossFit to prepare for a 100-mile race Great workout, forget the view Heavy squats (video)


Because you’ve probably never even DONE a dumbbell snatch, that’s why

REMEMBER: The new Sat/Sun schedule here in Manhattan is 10am free beginners’ class, 11am Workout of the Day (WOD) class, noon WOD class. If you’re looking for a mid-afternoon WOD, I’d suggest heading out to our Williamsburg outpost CFBK (1pm … Continue reading


If you’re lucky, you’re actually resting today…

but if you have a WOD from the most recent 3-day cycle to make up, here are your options: Friday 090220 Rest Day Make-up Workouts 7am: Instructor’s Choice 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice 6pm: 7×1 cleans OR pull-up ladder 6:30pm: 7×1 cleans … Continue reading


Pushy, pushy, pushy

Free beginners’ classes 6 times a week! (Taught by Jacinto, Dan D., Josh, Justin, and Allison–check schedule for details) Upcoming Elements Workshops that have already sold out: Elements #37, #38 Elements Workshop #39 at the new 10am time slot! (5 … Continue reading

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