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Samantha Briggs is our next Visiting Coach, this Friday evening at 6:30pm!

We’re proud to have 4th-place finisher at the 2011 CrossFit Games Samantha Briggs as our next visiting coach as part of our ongoing “Visiting Coach Series.” Please make her feel welcome by coming out this Friday night, September 2nd, from … Continue reading


The De-load Explained (or, “You Call That a WOD?!”)

From Josh: As anyone who’s done even a few days of hard WODs in a row can tell you, it just isn’t possible to sustain maximum intensity indefinitely. So, over the past two months, we’ve been periodizing CFNYC’s workouts–varying the … Continue reading


Less painful rowing than normal

Tuesday 110830 A: Mobility Work B: Four Rounds For Time @80% Effort Row 500 Meters Rest 3 Minutes Eff “if” Paleo versions of: Fish sticks / Fried calamari / Frappuccino iced coffee protein shake Ira Glass on being creative (also … Continue reading


Josh will open the gym at 7am on Monday, August 29th

Please stay tuned to the blog for info on when classes can resume (presumably at some point on Monday). Given the transportation issues still in effect and the fact that many of our instructors don’t live within walking distance of … Continue reading


The Box Is Closed Until At Least 6:15 AM on Monday, August 29th

Stay tuned to the blog for details as to when exactly we will re-open. If you do an at-home, indoor WOD, post to comments. If you’ve previously survived a hurricane, post experience to comments. If you need inspiration on at-home, … Continue reading


The unknown and the unknowable

All joking aside with that title above, we really aren’t sure as to whether we’ll be open for classes tomorrow or not. Tentatively we’re planning on the following for Saturday: 9am WOD class 10am WOD class 10am Free Beginners’ Class … Continue reading


Friday snatching

A. Snatch practice B: WOD (Compare to 100816) Three Rounds For Time: 30 Wall Balls 20#/14# (Post Elements 14#/10#) 30 Squat Snatches 75#/53# (Post Elements 45#/33#) The new rules of strength training 9 tips for coaching technique “Once you are … Continue reading


The return of “DT”

Thursday 110825 A. Skill: Front Levers B. WOD: “DT” (Compare to 110707) 5 Rounds For Time (Post Elements: 4 Rounds): 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Push Jerks 155#/105# (Post Elements: 105#/75#) How to kip at life Flexibility and … Continue reading



Wednesday 110824 A: Clean 3-3-3 B: 2010 Northwest Regional Event #1 3 Rounds For Time: 10 Overhead Squats 135#/95# (Post Elements 95#/65#) 50 Double Unders How long is your neck? Proof that lifting heavy weights will not make a woman … Continue reading


Tabata plus weight

Tuesday 110823 A: Back Squats 5-5-5 B: Weighted Tabata Squats C: 150 Situps for Time “The technique is always terrible. The people are always excited. And the weights are always surprisingly heavy.” Lift like a girl Put down the kale … Continue reading

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