Thanks to our latest team members for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open!

Graham Stafford
Robert Bosslet
Sarah Morrone
Arni Olafur Jonsson
Larry Erwin
Philip Jonat
Franklin Lockwood
John Grunyk
Ari Kárason
Wendy Greene
Swany Velazquez
Chris Bayly
Steve Lynch

Total athletes: 351

You won’t need to videotape your Open WODs if you’re doing them with us, but this is still a fun video to watch to get excited for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open!

Remember, there’s still time to join our team. Questions? Post them to the comments below.

Tuesday 120221

A: Hang clean – 75% x 2 x 4

B: “Diane”

21-15-9 reps of:
225#/155-185# Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Compare to 110403.

NOTE: Tonight’s NYC Endurance running class meets at the south end of the mall of Central Park at 6:30pm.

Body clock ‘alters’ immune system
“Improper alignment is a certainty, not a possibility”
Baking without flour brings sweet results
The adductors (and why they are hindering you!)
(Don’t be a) chalk whore! / Stand tall, young man

Writes Gordon, pictured below: “Who needs kettlebells when you have prosciutto….funny pic from in the kitchen post paleo challenge. Lost 9lbs and 2% body fat.” Congrats, Gordon!!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: Push press = Cluster @ 5RM (4×2 w/10sec) x 5

B: For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

  • Hari

    CrossFit NYC: 355 (+21)
    CrossFit Enhance: 290 (+44)

    • Hari

      CrossFit NYC 369 (+14)
      CrossFit Enhance 306 (+16)

      This is the closest they have been, and they are continuing to gain.

  • Justin Katz

    A: 65-85-100-100
    B: 6:09 175#
    HSPU off the box

  • Anonymous

    A: 115-135-155-135
    B: 10:22 225#, HSPU w/abmat     Unbroken DLs, HSPUs…uhm…not so much

    • Rory

      nice werq on the DL’s

  • jenntang

    A: 103#
    B: 9:07 (155#, 2-10#+ab mat HSPU) almost a 3min PR from last year.

  • Cassie

    A: 83-88-93-98 (PR!)…100 i am coming for you!
    B: 7:25..125# and wall walks (7-5-3 rep scheme)

    • Erika Ramos

       good job.. but i thought you were taking it easy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    A: 135 – 155 – 175 – 175

    B: 10:01 w/ scaled HSPUs (25lb plate + abmat)

    6am used everything but the kitchen sink this morning. Pretty sure there was only 1 barbell going spare. Every abmat and almost every plate was used.

    Kudos to Will and Sara for making a crowded WOD go seamlessly (again). When are we moving to 28th street? We could make a WOD out of moving the gym up there. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Walters/1219777499 Nick Walters

    Diane = my favorite exercise and my most loathed. Oh, the beauty of CrossFit.

    12:40 with 25# plate and 2 abmats. Did deads 21, 10-5, 9. Probably spent 10 min on HSPUs alone. The last time I did this at CFNE I could only do wall climbs so making progress.

    • Zoe

      I feel the exact same way as you… love deadlifts, total mess at HSPU, those killed me
      DL at 155#, also did them 21, 10-5, and 9. But about a million plates under my head for HSPU by the end and couldn’t even kick up until about the 5th try haha. Think I finished around 8:30. Next time will do them on a box, at least to get the range of motion.

  • Anonymous

    Diane with regular push-ups and 225# deadlifts: 9:54.
    Hang clean doubles: 105-105-105-105.

    Does anyone know if the first Games Open workout will be posted early enough to do it on Wednesday?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Walters/1219777499 Nick Walters

      Madeleine, I think they are posting it tomorrow at 5pm Pacific time.

  • Rory

    A: 95-115-133-135
    B: 9:40 (185#, 1 ab mat)

    thanks to Sara and Will for finding the extra 35lb plates

  • williamson

    Invictus programming:

    B. 1:09 – 1:02 – 1:05min
    C. 3:28 - 3:32 – 3:36min
    rows in 1:46.9 – 1:50.4 – 1:52.3. 
    I highly recommend Not doing the row so fast.

    ready to see the open wod tomorrow

    • Anonymous

      1:35, 1:17, 1:31 real pistols and the bounding box jumps means pausing at the top not jumping off the top :)

      3:00, 3:02, 3:17 rows done at 1:48, 1:46, 1:49. Suka

      • Jason L.

        bounding box jumps doesn’t usually put a constraint on what you do at the top of the box.  It usually just means minimizing contact with the ground (which maximizes muscle elasticity in your calves/ankles) – trying to do them without having your heels touch the ground.  I think you can do them either way.  If you’re keeping competition standards though, hip extension at the top may be better.

        • Sean M.

          Your forgot to say: Suka

        • Anonymous

          Jason Lapadula. Lapadula. Touché. I hope I don’t get fired. Resting at the bottom is stupid I didn’t know this way was ever done

  • Jason W

    Diane: 6:47 rx’d

    DLs: (15-6)(10-5)(9)
    HSPU: (8-7-6)(6-5-4)(3-2-2-2)

    far from my best diane time. still playing it cautious with the lower back, but was moving the weight pretty well considering i haven’t DL’d 225# in a wod in forever.

  • Mike K

    On the adductor article, while I generally agree with the point made, I want to add some points based on my own observations and experience.  If you’ve taken a class with me when we are squatting, you have probably heard me go over something along these lines before, but I’m hoping this will help people.

    The adductors are a large and powerful muscle group (or at least they should be), and I think that a lot of proportional weakness in them is caused by people not knowing how to properly engage them, or not being able to get into a position where they can effectively use them.

    Long story short, the adductors both adduct the leg (bring the legs together), and extend the hip (stand you up out of a squat).  However, they can only effectively work to extend the hip if the knees are out.  Once the knees start to cave in, the muscle is shortened and loses part of its potential to stand you up.

    Why does this happen?Maybe the adductors are weak and the brain is protecting them from injury by using other muscles, maybe they are too tight and can’t get into position.  Alternatively, maybe they are stronger than the opposing muscles that keep the knees out, and as a result the adduction function wins the battle for control of the knee (and hip) in a squat as a result the hip extension function is diminished.Of course there are often related upstream and downstream things going on too, especially in the foot/ankle and spine that play into this, but that is beyond the scope of my point here.

    So, on the other side, what muscles keep the knee out when we squat?  Sure, the abductors (with a B) can move the knee out, but they do not do such a good job of that when your foot can’t move.  But while the hip is flexed, like during a squat, the external rotators of the hip (which include the glutes among other muscles), will move the knee out when the femur (upper leg) is rotated and the foot can’t move.Try it – pick your leg up with the knee bent and rotate back and forth at the hip, your foot will swing like a pendulum.  Now, put that foot on the ground and do the same thing.  Your knee should move in and out.

    One big problem is that the hip needs to be able to externally rotate and hold that position to keep the knee in place in order for the adductors to work to extend the hips along with the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.  If the glutes and other external rotators are weak they cannot maintain this position well, and if the knee position is lost the adductors get left out of the hip extension party and leave the other guys (quad, hamstring, low back) to do the work.  And since they aren’t being used, they get proportionally weaker too. 

    This presents a bit of a chicken or egg scenerio and may seem overwhelming, but the simple takeaway is to fix muscular imbalances you have and to improve your movement skill so that you can use all available muscles to move the weight and avoid favoring only the stronger ones.  Sometimes this needs to be done by going down in weight to improve technique and sometimes by doing some drills to re-educate your body on how to move the way you want it to.  I am a big fan of a lot of the Z-Health stuff for that.

    Pesonally I find my adductors to get more sore than any other muscle group after a heavy squat day.  That was not always the case, but once I got a lot of my own form and movement issues sorted out, the weights shot up pretty fast.  I also saw improvments in almost everything else since my hips were moving better and more efficiently.  I of course still have work to do, but that was my own experience.  If you don’t feel them at all after, maybe you should consider looking at your squat form.

    I tried to simplify as much as I could, but I’m hoping this is helpful.  I see a lot of people that look like they have issues with heavy squats & pulls, and this is a good place to start to fix issues.

    • The_Lisa

      I needed to read this, Mike, great advice. I have both knee-buckling issues when squatting. Yet my adductors also kill me in the late stages of any hilly race.

      • Mike K

         Lisa, given the miles you put in, which are often more in a day than I run in a year, I’d say it is probably mostly related to you feet and tightness in the lower leg muscles that are causing poor gluteal function.  Ask me about it next time you see me there.

        • The_Lisa

          Thank you, Mike, I will!

  • Asegal04

    A. hang cleans: 135, 135, 135

    B.  7:34 RX

    DLs: (15-6)(10-5)(9)
    HP: (10-6-5) (7-4-4) (3-2-2-1-1)

  • Jana B.

    A: 83-93-103-103-113-113-123(x1)(PR)
    B: 7:24 143#

  • Jason L.

    The improper alignment video is great and Ido Portal is a beast.  Practicing good motor patterning and having good mobility/stability in all ranges of motion is a good buffer, but sometimes becoming familiar with positions that are not biomechanically efficient can be a helpful as well (try to zercher deadlift with a flat back).  I just wouldn’t do 300 reps of that exercise.

  • Naveen

    Did a lot of lifting away from the box this weekend.  Finally hit 225 on my power clean.

  • Peter F

    12:38.  Really wanted to get sub 10, but it wasn’t a total failure.

    155 lbs (most I’ve DLed for time in a while), and 25 plate for HSPU (best HSPUs I’ve ever executed in a WOD)

    Hang cleans- 85/85/85/85

  • Ben M

    PE : 5:45

    A: #145
    B: #145… HSPU with the an mat.

    We need 45lb plates in the new gym.

    • Ben M

      Time was 6:38.

  • dstogs

    PE 5:45

    A: 95, 95, 115, 115

    B: DL- #115 unbroken
        Box HSPU (21)(10-5)(5-4)


    Way too light on DL because we ran out of plates in class. Ben’s right, we could use some #45 plates. 

    Cash Out:
    10 burpee pullups 
    10 Toes to bar
    Double Under practice

  • Annie

    6:23, 113#, 10lbs and abmat 

  • mike n.

    9:03, 185, 2 abmats

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 press
    3 at 125
    3 at 145
    9 at 162

    Cleans 3 by 3 135-155-185 singles 225-230x 2 (fail)

    3 rounds
    7 squat snatch at 115
    9 bar facing Burpees
    30 double unders unbroken


  • Steve Slo

    A) 155, 155, 175, 175
    A lof of failed reps on the second set of 175#. Tired. Kevin suggested the problem might also be psychological. Perhaps its time to revisit tall cleans and clean drops.

    B) 6:45 (175#, HSPU off of a box)

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