Wednesday 130529

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Back Squat 3-2-1-3-2-1 (Increase weight each set)
B. 2 rounds: 1 minute max effort squat, 1 minute max effort box jumps (step ups), 1 minute max effort sit up, 1 minute rest

Competition Team WOD:

“1-minute Throw-down!” ***be sure to wear tall socks or long pants for today’s WOD due to the rope climb portion***
3 Stations with 3 modalities at EACH station & 1 MINUTE PER MODALITY


KB SWINGS 24kg/16kg
KB SQUATS 24kg/16kg

SLED PULL #70/#35

WALL BALLS 20#/14#

Coach Kyle and his students post-WOD:
Class 05-24

SCHEDULE CHANGES, effective June 3rd!
Olympic weightlifting: Breaking it down
Biceps / SLAP tears
Can statins cut the benefits of exercise?
The utter ridiculousness of words and labels
The kipping bridge

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Work up to a heavy set of 3 clean deadlifts in 20 minutes (No touch-n-go reps)
B. 100 russian kettlebell swings for time 2/1.5 pood

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Bench Press: 5×3 reps, heavy

Part B. Push Press 2×8 reps with one second count at the top of each rep, then a third set to failure (it should be at least 8-10 reps minimum), rest 2 minutes between sets.

Part C. 3×10 strict toes to bar (0:60 s rest between sets)

Tempo Thursday 5X2min up tempo with a 1-min ‘recovery run’ in between.

  • reisbaron

    A1: 275 – 315 – 335
    A2: 355 – 375 – 405*
    B: 144**

    *tied my low bar PR. High-bar orientation complete. Kind of like taking a trip to Big Sur where the mountains meet the ocean, but not really. There was no real sticking point at 405, but this gym has a strange addiction to metcons, so 425 will have to wait until a day when it’s OK to squat for an hour.

    **sad trombone

    • Amber Rodriguez

      Squatting for an hour sounds like a good time to me. Just sayin’. :)

  • jsg

    CFE Throw down — 352 Rx

    Thanks Coach Heidi for an awesome WOD – lots of fun despite the rope burn and the lingering effects of Murph….

  • Annie Yearwood

    A: 113, 123, 133 A2: 143, 148, 158
    B: 228

  • Brad Hoover

    A: 135-155-165-175-185-195
    B: 210 reps

  • Amber Rodriguez

    A: 115-135-145 / 145-150-155(PR!)… Along with a PR, I reached an awesome benchmark today… Bodyweight backsquat, baby! :D

    B: 177 – Box jumps the first round, box step-ups the second. I came to the untimely realization that my Oly shoes are not jump-friendly. X__X

    • Nicki O.

      Congrats, Amber! :)

      • Amber Rodriguez

        Thanks, Nicki!!

  • Jim S

    A: 205,215,225, 235,245,255(f),250
    Previous PR was 250. Thought I had a new one in me tonight but wasn’t to be. Had to bail out of that one. Thump.
    B: 188

  • Nicki O.

    A1: 83-93-103
    A2: 88-98-108 (1 rep PR!)
    B: 204