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Programming Update: Back Squat Cycle

Most of you have noticed that we are back squatting more regularly than in the past by performing 5 sets x 5 reps every week. This will continue until we hit 12 exposures of 5×5 back squats.  At that point … Continue reading


Experienced WOD Programming Update

For new CrossFitters, just showing up consistently and working hard on almost any random week of WODs is enough to guarantee progress. But as athletes build a base of strength and skill, programming becomes increasingly important.  For more advanced athletes, ”Constantly Varied” programming … Continue reading


2014 NorthEast Regionals Recap

The CrossFit Regionals were last weekend, and wow, have things changed. An event once held in the parking lot of a CrossFit gym in Albany, it’s hard to believe how much it has grown in the past three years.  This … Continue reading