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Athlete Profile: Steve Larosiliere

The feeling you get when you first link turns on a snowboard trail is one of the most exhilarating life experiences.  It’s just you and the mountain, and in a flash you stop thinking about the all of the strength, … Continue reading


Athlete Profile: Tim Broder

I’ve often described our experience as Crossfitters to be that of a spectrum.  On one end, you have athletes who, smaller in size, can annihilate WODs like Cindy and Helen with tremendous speed.  Athletes on this end of the spectrum tend … Continue reading


Athlete Profile: The Burkman Brothers

Tens of thousands of pages have been written on improving an athlete’s performance through Crossfit.  We tweak our nutrition, work on recovery, mobilize religiously and consume an incredible amount of articles and media in the name of increased performance.   But … Continue reading


Athlete Profile: Ron Burt

In 1992 Ron Burt joined the NCAA champion Duke University basketball team as a walk-on.  That year they went on to make history, as the team won back to back titles. They had a dominating run that culminated in a … Continue reading


Athlete Profile: Caley Crawford

Being the best at something takes a lot of work. Whether you’re an athlete, fire fighter, desk jockey or even the star of a Broadway show, Crossfit can help you be the absolute best at what you do.  So in … Continue reading


2013 Regionals Profile: Sean McArdle

Ask the average Crossfitter how long it’s been since their first WOD and you’d be impressed if they said they’ve been doing it for a few years.  Crossfit itself only started in the early 2000s, so it’s scary to contemplate … Continue reading


Crossfit NYC Shines at the Meadowlands

Last Sunday the Crossfit competition Mayhem in the Meadowlands lived up to its name, as teams from boxes around the region put it all on the line at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ for an all-day, multi-WOD battle.  15 … Continue reading


Coaches Kyle & Sully: Gettin’ With The Program

With nearly 50 classes to teach between them each week, as well as their own personal training pursuits and lives outside of the gym, you would think coaches Kyle Smith and Mike Sullivan would have a full schedule and little … Continue reading


Crossfit Games Athlete Profile: Spencer Hendel (Part I)

In. the. WORLD. To most of us it’s an exaggeration…a funny concept we tag onto our accomplishments to enhance how ridiculous it sounds.  Somehow the notion of out-ranking or out-performing over 7 billion people is so unreal it’s automatically perceived … Continue reading


Athlete Profile: Jana Byron

Look around Crossfit NYC on any given morning and there is an array of constants we can always rely on.  Weights, bars and kettlebells are stacked up in the usual spots ready to be picked up and put down.  People … Continue reading

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